30 Days to 30


How did I get here?

It seemed so far away and yet, 30, is less then 30 days away.  I always had this preconceived notion that at 30, we are supposed to “have it all” , but it isn’t until today, that I finally purchased a real couch…

Then I realized ( after a minor panic attack), I love my life and I have such clarity on the type of person that I am, like I’m owning it.  I’m not afraid to say “no”, I’m selfish, my studio apartment is my sanctuary, my boyfriend and I pick out take out options like we’re saving lives, and I’m planning another trip to somewhere else I have not yet been. My job does not define me, although I think I’m doing pretty well in that department, and I go out for an ice cream run 15 mins before the shop closes.  Yeah, I’m that girl.

There have been many lessons learned over the last decade. I think the biggest one, is knowing that I will make unintentional bad choices and life will go on. I was very fearful of disappointing others in my 20’s and now….I don’t give a f*ck 🙂  When life gives you lemons, yes make lemonade, but as in Beyonce’s lemonade.

Its like that one time I saw a tarot card reader (for fun).  I think I was 23 or 24 at the time.  The first thing she told me when she broke the deck and reveled my future was, “Your a survivor”….I agreed with her then, but now I understand her.  I always knew there was this flame inside burning to simply burn with no fear of anyone killing the flame.  But now, you could hose me down and nothing will change.

I know 30 will be awesome and I can’t wait to meet the enhanced version of myself to come in this decade.

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