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Event Tools to Know


Some events involve more than just good food and entertainment.  You need to tie in all the elements together through inspired color and marketing design to give your guests the full perspective. And you also need productive means on how to record all your inspo in one place both at meetings and when you’re on the go. My recommended go-to FREE tools can help you with production, inspiration and organization for those events that involve a special kind of TLC.

Design Seeds

 “The Design Seeds Color Almanac is a digital zine which includes fifty of the site’s most popular palettes.” This is site is awesome for weddings, showers, galas and other similar events that involve a signature color palate for your theme.  Search by color, collection or season for an array of color palates and combinations each inspired by a catalog of vibrant images.  For me, it starts here to get the visual aspects of an event in place and what I also love about this site is that each color catalog provide you with the specific color codes!


“Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos.”  The Unsplash community is fueled by contributors who offer their photos freely for anyone to use inspiring millions of creators.  The featured image on my blog is directly from this site.   Perfect for collecting images for marketing materials, custom invites and more. And the best part, it’s FREE.


“Makes design simple for everyone.” Simple, effective, easy and mostly free.  There are a few add in options at a minimal cost, but you can still get the full effectiveness using all the free elements. Cavna has templates for all your production needs:  Invites, business cards, flyers, social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc).  No guessing the template size…and the design elements are trendy, font’s selection is extensive and colors are crisp.  Look like a pro!

So you have all the tools you need for some heavy inspo, but you need to stay organized with the thousand thoughts to come….


“Inspiration strikes anywhere. Evernote lets you capture, nurture, and share your ideas across any device.” Here you can collect, create and share ideas across desktop and mobile platforms. Your thoughts are always with you no matter what device you’re using.  From desktop to my phone, I am always recording my ideas no matter where I am. It’s great when meeting with clients, at venue site visits or just unexpected inspiration on the go.  Your notes don’t go missing, or scattered to keep you on track.

Happy planning,


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