Personal Development

Recharge & Reset

2016 was a roller coaster.

It was a wave of challenges, one right after the next. I would often stop and think when it all was going to slow down.  When will the “dream job” come along?  or When will everything be in a state of content? But the reality is, life is never in one state, at least if you are truly living.  I have a hard time standing still at home as it is, of course my world will shake often, but its now that I know I control the earthquakes, control the aftermath and I recharge, refocus and reset to the next journey ahead.


After getting a new job multiple times in 2016 and thinking that it was going to be great each time when it in fact sucked…as in sucked a lot, I felt like most people would.  I felt stuck. I thought something was wrong with me and that the feeling would soon pass.  But it didn’t….My body was telling me it simply wasn’t right each time.  I didn’t want to hear it at first.  Ignored the voice in my head until my anxiety began to creep in at night as I tried to fall asleep.  A voice that we all have in our heads and if it had a face, I’d knock her out cold…So what did I do when faced with the another round of disappointment?  I had a (good) cup of coffee…

I’m cranky in the mornings, as in do not speak to me.  And I’ll admit, I’m cranky for no good reason.  I lack focus, attention and have really bad hair.  I need a recharge and BADLY.  It’s much like when the job you really wanted goes to shit.  You are a cranky jerk and its ok, because things are sucky now….but it will get better.  Just grab that overly expensive coffee for no valid reason that you still buy anyway because you are not a quitter and RESET.  Reset your mind. Sometimes it will take a few cups, and by the end of week 1 all will seem clearer.  Your recharge becomes more of an empowerment.  The reset is more like a path you can see clearer each day, like a dream in motion that will soon be a reality. Then, you’ll know what to do.

After my recharge and reset, yes….I found another job.  A better office, a better vibe, and a better paycheck if I’m keeping it real.  Is it set in stone that all will be well and work out wonderfully?  No…that’s the scary/beautiful thing about life…but one thing I do know now, is how to listen to myself, how to listen to my dreams and more importantly…

I know how to recharge and reset myself to a better tomorrow.



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