Event Planning

A Holiday Party High-Five

Throwing a successful holiday party can really put the pressure on.  It’s more than just good food and music.  It’s the time to really create some memories with you and your guests.  And it’s not hard!  Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go.   Here are my 3 key elements to a fun holiday party that will only lead you in the right direction..

1. Invites Sent!

Here is where you set the tone for your party.  These don’t have to be fancy either.  I recommend creating your own on Cava.  They even have free templates you can use as well.  You can email them as a photo, or send them via your social media channel preference. This gets the excitement going.  Come on, when was the last time you got a holiday invite?  You felt special right?  Well so will your guests. They’ll get the message. (Be there or we’re no longer friends…kidding!)

2. Theme On!

Include this in your invites and snapchat ready.  This is where you get everyone involved and it’s a guarantee for some laughs.   Themes are real ice breakers especially if your guests all don’t know each other.  Everyone will connect on the theme alone and all personal guards will be down (to some level).   Have fun with your theme!  You can so traditional with an ugly sweater (its been done, but ppl love it) or try something silly like pancakes and pj’s, or add a dark element with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme

3. Hungry?  See you at the bar!

I think feeding guests is the most stressful of all parts to a holiday party.  Will they like the food? Hate it and then hate me?  Let’s face it, you can’t always please everyone, but you can give them an edible experience.  The icing on the cake that can also contribute to your theme is a food bar.  You can have other bites served, but your designated food bar will help brings all elements of your party together.  Keep everyone warm with a hot coco bar, Put a spin on common phrases – Chill Out at the chili bar or put a modern twist on things with Mistletoe Margaritas!

Don’t forget to have Snapchat and Instagram ready!  You’ll want to blackmail someone 🙂

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