Dream on…get set….go.

The past year has been pretty damn dope!  New job, new place, traveled 5 times this year (overseas being a first for me and 3 out of the 5 trips where not at my expense) and I have officially started my own freelance event services….like right now!   Its nice to feel like the path you’re on is actually leading to something and its all because you put the bullshit aside.

Sure when I was younger I wanted to be Janet Jackson ( maybe I still do), but the fact is that a goal, no matter how large is damn right achievable.  This is what I hope this culture business blog will live up to, goals…and kicking their ass!

The photo of the NYC skyline is what I see on a daily basis.  It’s a huge reminder of why and how I am where I am today.  I get things done and I don’t play nice, I play smart.  I hope you enjoy whats to come of this little culture business blog of mine.  Based on this past year, I think its safe to say its going to be pretty sweet!

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